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Becca Havens
I'm a UX Designer based in Austin, Texas
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Becca Havens

UX Designer

Hello, I'm a User Experience Designer based in Austin, Texas. I have 3 years experience in the field & a Master's degree in Information Studies from the University of Texas at Austin.

I believe in the value of design to empower companies to create best-in-class products and enhance the quality of life for its employees and customers. I am looking to join a team that values product research, forward-thinking design & cross-functional collaboration.


Case Studies

I work on enterprise-level user research, workflows and design. I help build products from idea to launch. Here's a sampling of some of the products I've worked on.

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I Got The
Skills & Expertise

I do UX Research & documentation, interaction design, and low-to-mid-fidelity mockups. I love to explore the latest & greatest tools & apps.


What I Do

Understanding industry practices & pain points, conducting user-centered research & distilling it into concrete UX and product deliverables.

Web & Mobile Design

I design & iterate on apps for Android & iOS, as well as admin websites. I also design for responsive webistes.

Interaction Design & Feature Documentation

I create UX workflows, wireframes, interactive prototypes, & mid-to hi-def mockups for web/mobile apps & iterate to provide the best user experience solutions & suggestions.

User Research & Documentation

I conduct competitor analyses, contextual inquiries, & design research. I have also helped establish outlets for team knowledge-sharing & collaboration of industry research & best practices

Thoughtful Solutions

I work closely with cross-functional teams of business stakeholders, architects, developers, & product managers to develop specification documents, workflows, & wireframes for feature development.



I have over 3 years experience as a UX Designer working on challenging projects for a variety of platforms and users.

* Many of the projects overlapped & were long-term iterations, so dates are rough approximations.

  • Jan 2016 Oct 2015

    Bypass Mobile

    UX Designer

    Suites Expansion. I conducted contextual inquiries & user interviews to help build out a new product line for Suites operators at Stadiums. I defined & prioritized feature requirements, developed detailed workflows, & clickable wireframes & contributed to project scoping discussions.

  • Oct 2015 Jul 2015

    Bypass Mobile

    UX Designer

    Standsheets. I helped create a cross-platform inventory system that allowed operators to track inventory movements, & reconcile inventory losses at the end of events. I evaluated competitor offerings as well as client needs & painpoints to create detailed user journeys, wireframes, & defined rules, states & interaction guidelines to ensure cross-platform accuracy.

  • Jul 2015 Mar 2015

    Bypass Mobile

    UX Designer

    Agile Inventory Improvements. I helped collect & refine user-feedback to prioritize & scope iterations & feature expansions on our inventory management suite. I also provided designs & feature documentation, & concept- and speed-testing with beta users.

  • Mar 2015 Jan 2015

    Bypass Mobile

    UX Designer

    Resposive Admin Website & Dashboard. I researched competitor dashboards & interviewed Venue administrators about their information needs. I created a prioritized list of information alerts & associated tasks & dahsboard graphs to present to project stakeholders. I created wireframes & produced a plan to make the dashboard the first-step in a responsive design for our admin website.

  • Dec 2014 Aug 2014

    Bypass Mobile

    UX Designer

    Cash Room. I conducted contextual inquiries & user interviews to help define & design a webpage for venue cashiers to track cash in real-time as it was distributed to & collected from tills all over the stadium. I concept & speed-tested to make sure the design & funcitonality was as fast & accurate as possible.

  • Mar 2014 Oct 2013

    Bypass Mobile

    UX Designer

    I redesigned our Admin website (using a Metronic Bootstrap theme) to support new concessions, retail & inventory functionality.

  • Mar 2014 Sept 2013

    Bypass Mobile

    UX Designer

    Redesign Android register UI. As we gained customers, we needed a to design a register that would enable lightning-fast transaction times & was intuitive enough for untrained concession workers. I observed & timed cashiers as they interacted with the product, conducted competitive analyses, & tested different navigation patterns. I designed & helped prototype a new layout that allowed users to intuitively & quickly scroll & search an infinite number of products.

  • May 2013 Jan 2013

    Society of St. Vincent de Paul

    Capstone Project

    I designed, developed, & maintained a GIS map webpage for the St. Vincent de Paul Society‚ÄďAustin. I interviewed staff to determine user information needs, accessibility constraints, & data structures. You can see the map at: http://ssvdp.org/find-help/

  • Dec 2012 Aug 2012

    University of Texas at Austin

    Relevant Course Work

    I created a competitive analysis, design critique, user personas, concept map, site map, usability test plan, wireframes, and mockup for a website for caregivers to locate local resources, coordinate calendars and responsibilities, and access relevant medical information.

    I also researched and developed mockups for a mobile app that provides a private, secure social network for family members and offers rich forms of communication, media sharing and chronicling of family history.

& Degrees

As a curious, analytical person, I loved being a student & exploring new subjects, peoples, and timeperiods. Eventually, I discovered User Experience Design at the School of Information, which struck me as the ideal mix of creative, analytical, and inquisitive work.

  • 2013 2011

    Master of Science in Information Studies (MSIS)

    The University of Texas at Austin

    My coursework & projects focused on Digital Media Design, Information Architecture, User Studies, & Presenting & Visualizing Information.

  • 2011 2007

    Master of Arts (MA) in History

    The University of Texas at Austin

    I am a curious person & explored the possibility of being a lifelong student. Before too long, however, I discovered I was meant for a more practical & creative calling!

  • 2007 2004

    Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Medieval & Renaissance Studies

    Vassar College

    "The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there." -L.P. Hartley I took this to heart & wanted to learn about every facet of life in a very foreign country: the middle ages.

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